SEO: Do Top Listings Still Matter? A: Yes, No and Maybe

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

See on Scoop.itThe Daily Infograph by Tomas Jansma

#Google Search – How Important Is It to Be on the Top? (Really, with the float, #1 isn’t what it used to be since multiple websites could be #1 depending on the receiving computer.


Marty Note
Couple of important things to remember when looking at this infographic:


`1. Since the Google float* several websites can be presented as #1 depending on the RECEIVING IP.

2.Only way to know true absolute reference in SEO is use a tool like Mike’s Keyword Checker (free) or SEOmoz (paid).

3. Match Mike’s or SEOmoz with your Google Analytics to see the VALUE of being #1 (how much traffic your website received).


All of that said, I still fire Mike’s at critical keywords to see where we stand. It is helpful to be able to trend especially not that “Not Providing” is climbing past 50% (Not Provided in GA is the growing group of people that visit your website signed into Google).

* Google Float – Google’s index now “floats” based on the receiving device. You and I can type the same search at the same time and receive different results. This infographic, while helpful, speaks as if we exist in the old static Search Engine Result Pages days.

See on


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