The Campaign Tumblr Is Dead! (Long Live the Campaign Tumblr!)

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

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Obama for America’s outbound director on the origin, and future, of history’s first presidential campaign Tumblr…


The president was not impressed.


Or, more accurately, the president was Not Impressed. When, earlier this month, the newly re-elected commander-in-chief met the gymnasts of the U.S. Olympic team, he did what any president would do: He took a photo op, posing with the Fierce Five in the Oval Office. But he also did something that not every president would do: He took a meme op. The president stood next to McKayla Maroney, she of #notimpressed fame, and the pair reenacted her signature scowl.


The photo that resulted — a months-old meme, ossified in Internet time, made fresh by the fact that it was being acted out by a president — was promptly posted to the Obama campaign’s Tumblr,, where it joined a series of fellow memes — and animated GIFs, and videos, and snappy commentary, and earnest commentary, and other such Items of Internet. The image of a meme-faced Commander-in-Chief, cheeky and epic at the same time, was — or, at least, seemed — tailor-made for social media. And for, in particular, Tumblr, a medium that manages to mix irony and sincerity in pretty much equal measure….


[Sort of the “meme that roared!” LOL But a very different take on the social media approaches and wins by both sides. ~ Jeff]

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