The Online Registration Challenge

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

See on Scoop.itThe Daily Infograph by Tomas Jansma

How often have you become frustrated filling out online registration forms?

Janrain [specializing in creating social logins] has compiled data on some of the most challenging aspects of online registration forms and offers simple solutions to improve the user experience…and conversion rates.

This Infographic summarizes the results of a study about what people do when asked to register for a site.. Bottom line: if you want more people to enter your site, don’t ask them to create a new account.

Among the findings:

86% of people may leave a website when asked to create an account

50% of people dislike creating new passwords

60% of people have more than 5 unique passwords to remember

40% of people use the Forgot Password feature at least once a month

88% of online users admit they have lied on form

2 in 5 people would rather solve world peace than create a new password

2 in 5 people would rather scrub a toilet than create a new password

77% of online users prefer social login

Facebook is the preferred social login provider of choice

To learn more download Janrain’s Definitive Guide to User Management. and 10 Best Practices to Drive On-Site Engagement.


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